Calling all commenters, trolls, hype beasts, casuals, etc… Welcome to The Breaking Hype!  I am Mr. Problematik a.k.a. “El Capitan” of sorts for our team of talented writers and hot take enthusiasts. This blog has been made with the intention of bringing together a collective of diverse personalities, ideas and styles in order to connect and interact with an equally intriguing audience.  

“Yo Problematik, what do you guys intend on writing about?” Great question random dude interrupting this monologue… Our subject matter will derive from what we care most about: Sports, Entertainment, Music, Trends, Current Events, shit like that. Its a large enough content base for all of us to thrive and write about whatever the fuck comes to mind really.

“What are your goals for this site bruh?” Ok so I guess this is a Q&A now for real… Well first and foremost we see this as an opportunity to escape the cubicle grind for a moment or so. Our goal is for this to be fun for writers and readers alike and that’s how our brand will be built. With this in mind, I’m not gonna lie to you… if the Hype starts reaching its potential, and Complex or Vice or whatever hipster-ish parent company walks through that door and takes a chance on ya boys, we will most definitely be cashing the fuck out and continuing to improve our craft (thinking waaaay into the future but let me cook here).

“What makes you guys so different than ‘insert average sports variety blog here’?” What we aim to offer is a platform for raw, unapologetic opinions that come with equally effective analysis. We don’t need to troll you with headlines for click bait. We don’t want to bore you to death with dry articles about what Lebron’s favorite flavor of ice cream is (I’m looking at you ESPN). What is important to our site is that we want to be interactive with the Hype community as a whole. Check each other if you feel like you can step up and spar on a topic. If you think my opinion is fucking stupid, feel free to say so and let’s engage in a dialogue to see what the people think. However,  I do reserve the right to flame you if you try to pull up on me and aren’t ready for the wild clapback.

Altogether, we hope you enjoy all the upcoming content that The Breaking Hype has to offer. Our writers will start to sound off with their own intros to the community so everybody can get to know each other and so forth. Please spread the word about our little project we have here and lets build the hype!

Much Love,

Mr. Problematik

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Written by nyceeej

Long time Eagles fan/modern era Bulls fan... Let's just say I know what it means to suffer

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