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It’s been well documented in the past that when the Spurs make a draft selection, 8 times out of 10 that pick is going to make fans of the 29 other NBA teams go “why the fuck did we pass on this guy?” Look no further than the raw, athletic talent in Dejounte Murray to prove this notion is legit. Murray, a former Washington standout, has been one of my favorite prospects this season regardless of his limited run on the hardwood. For the unfamiliar, Murray’s a 6’5″ wiry combo guard with a knack for finishing with tear drop floaters in the paint. In the small but intriguing sample size he’s displayed so far this season, he’s shown flashes of good decision making ability, shot creation due to a reliance on his long frame and quickness and an all important ability to hit the open 3 when needed. As a starter this past week, Murray has averaged 19 pts, 4 ast and 2 reb against quality competition in both Cleveland and Denver.

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Now you might be saying to yourself “Problematik’s dick riding here the dude’s only started 4 damn games…” and to that I say when I’m right about him in ,let’s say 2.5 years, all of y’all can catch these take typing hands. You just know that A) in 2 years Tony Parker will have fully mentored him as the Spurs next in line PG incumbent B) He’s probably already a subscriber to the patented Kawhi Leonard development plan and finally C) the Spurs will most likely move Aldridge next year for future assets so that they can wash, rinse and repeat…

As a Bulls fan, I’m sick of this shit. The Spurs are basically the Patriots of the NBA in a way that their culture/system just flat out works and the talent they find and develop seems to never fucking end. They have hands down one of the best GM’s in R.C. Buford and my favorite coach of all time, Gregg Popovich, at the helm of this 34-9 team. Meanwhile, cut to the 22-23 Bulls that GarPax slapped together in hopes of guaranteeing a first round exit in the playoffs and you’ll understand my frustration at the fact that we simply don’t show some of the same level of scouting expertise and culture development in some instances. I’m not saying what San Antonio has made their norm for the past 20 or so years can be easily replicated, because that’s simply not the case. What I do believe however is that if a guy like Murray is available as late as the 30th pick, then why not take a chance at grooming a guy with his upside? I guess it just hasn’t been in the cards but we can always look towards 2017’s stacked class for the next Dejounte Murray.

I sound butthurt right now,

Mr. Problematik


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