Much to my dismay, The Philadelphia Eagles currently stand at the top of the NFL with a 7-1 record, best in the league after Week 8. There’s no denying that Philly is looking like a lock to at least make the playoffs, and with the NFC hampered by injuries to star players like Aaron Rodgers and previously elite QBs struggling to find themselves like Matt Ryan and Cam Newton, the Eagles might just find themselves with a round 1 BYE come playoff-time.
In fairness, Philadelphia has more than impressed this season – putting a major beatdown on the teams they should be beating and maintaining a perfect record against division rivals. Carson Wentz has been a smooth operator in the 4th quarter all year, Zach Ertz has emerged as an indisputable top 3 Tight End in the league, and that Eagles defense is legit – ranking 1st in the league in run defense and top 10 in interceptions and sacks. They have an aggressive front seven that forces you to make plays downfield and their talented secondary led by Malcolm Jenkins will make you pay if given the opportunity. They’re not to be messed with….especially not Fletcher “Show Me Ya” Cox, who ranks #1 on my list of “Top 10 NFL Players Who Can Actually Do in Real-Life What The Mountain Did to Oberyn Martell” (reminder here in case you forgot what entails: The Mountain Crushes Oberyn’s Skull Into a Million Itty Bitty Pieces.) Sorry for that.

Fletcher Cox after stealing Eli Manning breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All clutch Wentz and above average defense aside, a ton of conversation has been going on around the Eagles potentially being the team to beat in the NFL.  So let me set the record straight…the Eagles at 7-1 are FRAUDS and they’re not even close to being the team to beat in the NFL. Their record is the only reason people are even talking about them and they haven’t beaten a single legitimate contender all season. Quick recap of the teams the Eagles have beaten so far this season: Redskins (2 times), Chargers, Cardinals, Giants, Panthers, and 49ers. Those teams are a combined 15-30 right now and the Panthers are the only team above .500 amongst that loser lineup. And listen, I love Kirk Cousins as much as the next guy, but was it really ever a thought that the Redskins could make it to the Divisional Round? No.

Respect due to Carson “From Mrs” Wentz “He Came,” the kid has actually put together a fine, fine season and has certainly showed promise. He’s 7th in QB rating, 11th in yards per game and tied for the lead league in TDs with rookie stud Deshaun Watson. He’s teetering on conversations of potentially, maybe being an elite QB for years to come? but right now has a long way to go before he proves he’s not just a Diet Ben Roethlisberger (and I don’t even want to know what kind of legal allegations follow from that designation). The kid still gets sacked way too much (bottom 10 among starters) and has to find a way to be much more efficient – 61% completion percentage is Mark Sanchez-esque and also good for bottom 5 among starters.

The pride and joy of North Dakota State University

The Eagles run game led by LeGarrette “Yo, Le’Veon Pass Me Another” Blount  has surprisingly been top 5 in yards per game production and while they’ve somehow stumbled their way to 125+ yards per game as a team thus far, they’ve also racked up the majority of that yardage against the worst run defenses in the NFL. The Giants, 49ers, Chargers, Cardinals, and Chiefs are all letting up 120 yards per game and I bet they would probably give up a buck-fifty to Trent Richardson’s playing-in-the-CFL ass if the Saskatchewan Roughriders ever suited up against any of those teams. The acquisition of Jay Ajayi changes nothing. He leads in the league in most attempts for 0 touchdowns so far this year. If the Dolphins are willing to part ways with a guy on his rookie contract for a 4th round pick, it’s because they don’t believe in him, not because he’s a difference maker .

The thing is, Week 9 is where the road gets bumpy for the boys in Midnight Green and we find out what the Eagles are really made of…thin and hollow bones (Source: Google Search – “what are birds made of”). They  play the Broncos, get a week off for their BYE, and then play the Cowboys, Bears, Seahawks, Rams, Giants, Raiders, and Cowboys again. With Jason Peters gone for the year, watch for that Eagles O-line to crumble against a some of the top defenses in the league.

If you think the Eagles come out of that stretch with more than 3 wins, you’re off your rocker. See you at 10-6 and a first  round exit.

Yours Truly,
New York Nick



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