Things are not well in the Land, as a sluggish 4-6 stint has seen them drop 5 out of their last 6 games to bottom feeder teams such as Indiana, New Orleans, Brooklyn and most recently Atlanta. Is it time to point fingers? Is LeBron already one foot out the door to LA? Will Tyronn ever snapped out of what looks to be a permanent thousand yard stare?

This feels like a typical start for Cleveland, so we’re not buying too much into the current “Cancel the Cavs” talk. We’ve been here before people… we know how this narrative goes: The best player in the world gets to label himself as an underdog, starting off with early adversity only to eventually reach their equilibrium of a third seed in the East come April. I think the best thing that can come out of this shit start is the much needed canning of Lue, eventually reaching their equilibrium of a third seed in the East. They’re fine, don’t panic yet.


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If LeBron’s instagramming a dated meme to subtly voice some displeasure, one can only assume a storms brewing within the Q. Might be time for Lue to pack his bags earlier than expected. Stay tuned for more!




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