Oh BABY, we’ve got quite the weekend with major CFP implications and, for most of the country, it’s cold as balls. The perfect weekend to be unapologetically unproductive. Let’s get right to it, here’s my breakdown/picks for this weekend’s fracas:

#1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn (-2 Georgia)

Arguably Georgia’s toughest test all season. The Dawgs are clicking on all cylinders and looking to make a bee line straight to the playoffs, but in the words of the #1 homie Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!” The Auburn Tigers are legit. Their two losses (Clemson & LSU) don’t really tell the true story of this team and it’s hard to describe how difficult it is to win in Jordan-Hare. Georgia’s defense (#4 in the country) is incredible but their offense downright stinks and will struggle to score points against a top 15 defense. (Don’t @ me, all of their high-scoring games have come against garbage opponents.) I have Auburn finding a little afternoon delight and pulling off the upset to give Georgia their first loss of the season.

(Todd Van Emst photo)

#2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State (-13.5 Alabama)

This one will be an easy test for the Tide. They’ve looked pretty damn unbeatable (with the exception of LSU covering the spread last weekend #GeauxTigers) and are 13.5 point favorites at Starkville. At this rate, the only thing the state of Mississippi will be winning this year is the “Worst State in the Union” award. ZING!

#3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami (-3.5 Notre Dame)

Holy. Hell. This matchup is going to be electric!

Hands down the best game on paper this weekend. Vegas unsurprisingly has Miami pegged as a home dog, but with a point spread like 3.5, anything can happen, however, Miami’s offense has been subpar (25th in the country) and their 43rd ranked defense isn’t doing them any favors. The magic of the turnover chain will end this week and Notre Dame, baring any stupid mistakes the remainder of the season, will lock up their playoff spot.

#4 Clemson @ Florida State (-15.5 Clemson)

Woof, this one is going to be bad. Clemson gets a lot of heat for the fact that the ACC is down this year (and you can thank Florida State, among others, for that) but their 4th ranked strength of schedule has carried them thus far in the CFP rankings. I’m hard-pressed to believe that they’ll make the playoffs if some of the other teams on this list win out (spoiler alert), but Clemson is doing their part to give the people what they want, Alabama-Clemson III.

#5 Oklahoma @ #6 TCU (-6.5 Oklahoma)

Woah daddy! We got another incredible matchup coming in this one. Oklahoma’s #1 offense in the county vs TCU’s stout #6 defense will be a fun one to watch. If the Horned Frogs have their way, the Sooners will once again fall short and the ghost of “Big Game” Bob Stoops will be laughing in his lavish coaching grave. That being said, I have Oklahoma pulling this one off at the wire. Strap in, this is the Big 12 action everyone in the country has been clamoring for all year.

#8 Wisconsin @ #20 Iowa (-12 Wisconsin)

Iowa is without a doubt the most exciting 6-3 team in the land. They’ve had two hard-fought losses to Penn State and Michigan State and one against a bunch of nerds from Northwestern. Seriously, I don’t trust anything even remotely associated with the King Nerd, Darren Rovell. Oh yeah! They also BEAT. THE. BREAKS. OFF. of Ohio State last weekend 55-24.  

Unfortunately the Cinderella run to a potential conference title game will end this week. With Wisconsin’s #5 defense, look for this one to get ugly, very fast. Wisconsin rolls on to 10-0 and, with a few potential upsets, can firmly put themselves in the top 6 looking for a chance to get into the playoffs.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, we’re in for a good one this Saturday.



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