My good people, this is a cry to wake up and do your part in this collective fight of keeping Net Neutrality intact. Our beautiful, virtual expanse has long been subject to massive potential changes in regards to the ability of both corporations and Internet Service Providers to actively abuse their control over the Internet. For the uninformed, December 14th will bring forth a decision over whether these corporations will be allowed to depart from the Internet’s currently existing framework, and instead replace this existing neutral playing field with a restrictive model consisting of prevention of new ISPs from entering the competition, blocking of apps, purposefully slowing internet speeds on certain sites, and charging consumers for otherwise free content as a means for more authority over what we see and do online. Imagine a day where the endless sh*t takes that make TBH what we all know and love require a paywall for access, or when you find yourself being blocked from the ability to surf Reddit for hours on end, or (god forbid) your trip to good ol’ PHub gets put into a buffering purgatory for all eternity. I know, that shit doesn’t sound too pleasant right?

Most of us take these ordinary occurrences for granted, but we all must realize that our browsing freedoms are in fact under siege due to the unmistakable greed exhibited by those in charge of the FCC (yelling Ajit Pai is a baby back byatch til they block my IP) as well as their corporate companions such as Verizon and Comcast among others. Is there going to be a million internet person march come December? Hell nah, but the least we can do is band together in an effort to get Congress’ attention to put an end to this madness, once and for all. If interested, visit the Battle For The Net, which provides further detail into what we lose if Net Neutrality is taken away and how you can get involved.

Please allow me to indulge in my 3 a.m. r/WTF binges in peace, and screw this guy.

– Problematik


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