If last week was billed as “Cupcake Week” then you can just call this week “Hardtack Week™.” Get it, because hardtack is hard? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but this is exactly why we shouldn’t compare baked goods and sports. People start reaching for weird analogies and everyone gets confused.

Anyways! Here are my breakdowns and picks for this weekend’s most important games:

#2 Miami @ Pitt (-13 Miami)

Talk about a Black Friday special!

We have unconfirmed reports that the “U” is back, stay tuned for more updates.

This team is rolling and going up against a subpar matchup in Pitt. Not a whole lot to say about this one but there’s always the chance for major upsets in the last week of the season.

That being said, Miami will run away with this one and set up their epic matchup against Clemson in the ACC Championship game next week.

Here’s a picture of the turnover chain, you’ll be seeing it a lot this week:

#7 Georgia @ Georgia Tech (-11.5 Georgia)

Tech’s triple option gives teams absolute fits. They gave Tennessee (don’t @ me we all thought they were good week 1) and Miami all they could handle and hung tough with Clemson earlier in the season. As counterintuitive as it sounds, even great teams like Miami have a hard time with teams that are so one dimensional which is why Tech has had so much success over the years.

Georgia is a really good team and they too will struggle at first trying to figure out the run-dominant offense which will make the first couple of quarters closer than they need to be. The Dawgs will figure it out in the second half and pull away as the game wanes.

UGA by 15.

#1 Alabama @ #6 Auburn (-5 Alabama)

THIS is the matchup of the weekend, hands down.

Auburn’s strong rushing and passing attack matches up about as well as any team possible can against the Tide’s #1 defense but the Tigers are going to need a little magic to break their 3 year losing streak to Alabama.

This Alabama defense is truly something else. They’re only allowing 3.9 yards per play and 224 yards per game. These are video game numbers!

Logic would have me picking Alabama, right?


Call me an agent of chaos wanting to see the Playoff Committee lose their mind or an Alabama hater, but whatever you call me just don’t call me late for dinner.

Auburn pulls off the MEGA upset with a game winning drive blowing up the entire CFP picture and sending them to Atlanta to face Georgia in the SEC Championship game.


#5 Wisconsin @ Minnesota (-17.5 Wisconsin)

Wisconsin is such a hard team to trust late in the season even with a rushing game like theirs, led by the #3 back in the county Jonathan Taylor. (no, not this guy)

Wisconsin will dominate an underwhelming Minnesota team and head straight for their playoff-deciding matchup with Ohio State in Indianapolis.

The Badgers will remain undefeated…for now.

#3 Clemson @ #24 South Carolina (-14 Clemson)

Big time potential for a trap game. Columbia is a tough place to play and there’s certainly no love lost between these two in-state rivals.

Should be a fun one but Clemson’s top 10 defense and solid offense will carry them. We’re in for an ACC Championship game for the ages with the winner (and depending on how things shape out, the loser) heading to the College Football Playoff.

West Virginia @ #4 Oklahoma (-23 Oklahoma)

Much of the excitement leading up to this game has been centered around Baker Mayfield’s “Crotch Grab Heard ‘Round the World” but the Mountaineers #13 ranked offense is coming into Norman looking for the upset.

Both teams have relied heavily on their offenses this year with little regard for stopping opposing teams and there’s no signs of either of them stopping now.

Twenty-three points a pretty hefty spread (there’s your most obvious statement of the year). This game will look a lot closer than it actually is and Oklahoma will score late to win by 20. Mayfield won’t start this game but he sure as hell will finish it.


My fingers are on FIYAH after those fuego takes! Enjoy the games this weekend, friends, and let’s get ready for Championship Week next weekend. It’s going to be electric.



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