We all know the 2010 smash hit “All I Do Is Win”. You know, that catchy song that plays after your favorite team secures their coveted W (unless you’re a Tennessee fan lolol). Or the pump up song of the ages right before you take the floor for you intramural championship game. I mean seriously. Ludacris, Ricky Rozay, T-Pain, and DJ Kahled ON ONE SONG?! Talk about a hit!

If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the video. You’re welcome…

Told you, total BANGER!

Anyways, today, amidst a plethora of sexual assault allegations and botched coaching searches, the one and only T-Pain drops this bombshell, and no hyperbole, I’m shook AF.

That’s right! Everyone and their hip mommas has been singing this song “incorrectly” for the last 7 years.

Twitter was understandably upset:

But I’m not convinced.

Also, what’s being looked over, and is even more troubling than an incorrect song lyric, is that it seems that T-Pain has legitimately lost his mind.

It’s the only logical explanation for why he’s coming forward with such a preposterous accusation 7 years later.

That being said, I’m going to do my best to wait for all the evidence to come out before jumping to any conclusions and I’d urge you all to do the same.



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