This weekend’s matchups are filled with drama and playoff implications and I can’t wait!

Let’s get right to it! Here’s my picks and breakdowns:

#12 Stanford v. #10 USC (-4 USC)

The Pac 12 made the smart call of moving their championship game to Friday to avoid competing with the primetime games on Saturday.

That being said, I think this might be the least exciting game of the weekend. USC absolutely destroyed Stanford at the beginning of the season, and while Stanford is a much better team now,  I see this game going the same way.

Thankfully the only way we see either of these teams in the CFP this year is if all of the top 6 teams get pneumonia at the same time and can’t play.

Pac 12 sucks, don’t @ me.

#20 Memphis v. #14 UCF (-7 UCF)

This is going to be an absolute barnburner! Two top 6 offenses going head to head (with little defense to speak of).

UCF rallies behind what will most likely be Scott Frost’s last game in Orlando to pull off the undefeated season. If they’re not in a New Year’s Six game, it’ll be a major travesty.

#11 TCU v. #3 Oklahoma (-7 Oklahoma)

The most wild thing about their first matchup is that only 6 total points were scored in the 2nd half. TCU’s stellar defense (at the time) got absolutely manhandled in the 1st half.

This one is going to be tighter than the last one but Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield are headed to the CFP. I really hope he pulls a horned frog out of his pants after the game and sacrifices it at midfield.

Stay out of my mentions, PETA.

#6 Georgia v. #2 Auburn (-1 Auburn)

Rematches are fun. They’re also incredibly difficult in college football. Winner gets into the CFP, loser has to deal with a serious let down and playing in an irrelevant New Years Six bowl game.

Even though this is a glorified home game for Georgia, Auburn is a slight favorite over a team they absolutely crushed just a few weeks ago. Not that it really matters though, we all know Auburn fans travel well, especially when they have the opportunity to play for a Natty!

The Tigers are rolling after beating two top 5 defenses (Alabama/Georgia) to close out this season. It’s hard to argue they’re not the team to beat this year.

Atlanta’s going to have an infestation of sad cobras.

#7 Miami v. #1 Clemson (-9.5 Clemson)

A lot was made about Miami’s loss to Pitt last week, and rightfully so, but their defense is still incredible and Mark Richt will have his team ready to play in a HUGE game!

I’ve completely screwed up picking Miami’s games this year so I almost don’t even want to say anything.


I will.

Clemson is too much to handle and will take this one away in the 2nd half.

I just hope we get to see that turnover chain a few more times before this year’s over…

#8 Ohio State v. #4 Wisconsin (-6 Ohio State)

This game provides the most drama out Saturday’s matchups. I mean, not like Tennessee coaching search drama, but drama nonetheless.

The #1 defense vs. the #4 offense in the country. Woah Daddy!

JT Barrett is currently a game day decision, which honestly may just be Urban “Fake a Heart Attack to Get Out of His Job” Meyer trying to throw everyone off the trail and make it harder for Wisconsin to prepare.

If Ohio State pulls this game off, the committee is going to have a tough time deciding who gets in between OSU and Alabama. Logic would side with the conference champ, but Alabama is a much better team than Ohio State and doesn’t have the blemish like OSU (31 point loss at Iowa).

I, however, have a good feeling about Wisconsin this year. I’m looking forward to them pulling this off and getting absolutely smashed by a million in the CFP.

Enjoy the matchups, homies!



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