If you haven’t heard by now, Trae Young might be the most electric freshman, if not player, in all of college basketball outside of Duke’s Marvin “Tim Duncan” Bagley III. Young’s game is eerily similar to that of Steph Curry’s, as Oklahoma has allowed him to thrive in a system based off of creating plenty of looks from deep (Young averages 9.6 attempts per game), while creating havoc on the break. The kid is  a flat out special talent to watch, contributing an NCAA Div. 1 leading 28.8 points per game, along with a 3rd best 8.8 assists per contest. Young is a premier playmaker able to get it done from all over the court with an unconscious stroke, all while drawing extra attention from opposing defenses. A big part of what makes Young so deadly, is his ability to make the most out fast break chances, scoring at 1.21 PPP in transition opportunities and shooting 57 percent on those possessions. The biggest thing though is that while he knows how to create for himself tremendously, he is equally capable of manipulating defenses with this added attention in order to put his teammates in better opportunities to score themselves.

The Shockers and previous teams alike have struggled to properly deal with balancing coverage on Young enough to keep him in check without leaving others wide open all year. Today’s matchup saw Young go off for 29 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds en route to a 91-83 upset victory for the unranked Sooners (8-1). Facing off against easily the toughest opponent on the schedule thus far didn’t faze Young’s ability to thrive, further cementing his status as one of the elite talents of today’s collegiate game.

Highlights from the Upset W:

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