While most of us were recovering from the New Year’s festivities, others have taken the time to give us the content we don’t necessarily ask for. For the uninformed, Famous social influencer and avid YouTuber Logan Paul, recently posted a video on the popular video site titled “We Found a Dead Body in the Japanese Suicide Forest” which caught the Internet by storm immediately. A title like this alone could normally be seen as more of the same click bait type of shit that gets pushed out daily, but NO! This is the Logan Paul we’re talking about here. The Paul brothers of all people hold themselves to the highest standard when it comes to visual art and the integrity which is so ironically coveted on the interwebs, so he went the extra mile to include said corpse in his thumbnail just to emphasize the already troubling concept.

The video which has since been removed due to massive backlash including some choice words from fellow YouTube personalities including Philip DeFranco’s tweet shown above. Logan has since issued one of those half assed “i’m too famous and rich to remotely care about this on a real level” apologies to the public via Twitter and his 15 minutes of scrutiny should soon pass, as DeFranco so accurately points out that while we sit here and scrutinize, his core demo can’t spare a single fuck.

Nevertheless, 2018 has barely kicked into gear and humans have already set out to push the boundaries of moronic behavior to new heights. The outrage over the video is warranted, as Japan’s infamous forest is an haunting reminder  of the toll that depression, mental illness and various other factors can play in the drive for some to exit stage right in an untimely fashion. If your decision is to to find your eternal peace somewhere in the Japanese wilderness, it should at least come with some sort of guarantee that a douchey American vlogger won’t put your shit on blast. Like bro I’m just trying to chill and you’re gonna do me like this? Not even catching my good side and shit. At least plug my social so I can catch some posthumous clout…


Written by nyceeej

Long time Eagles fan/modern era Bulls fan... Let's just say I know what it means to suffer

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