And just like that, one of the oldest beefs in hip hop is back on! After nearly two decades of on-again, off-again disagreements filled with fights, dis tracks, and the occasional reconciliation, Ja Rule came from the clouds to spark it back up with 50 Cent.   I mean it is getting SPICY in here! Full thread below:

I’ve never had anyone call me a “tickle booty” before but i can’t imagine it’s a good thing. I mean Ja Rule is an all time lyricist so it comes as no surprise that he’d come with some creative insults.

Insinuating that 50 Cent doesn’t shower AND smells like a vagina? Woah…

Knowing Ja Rule has my back has me really wanting to ask 50 why did he get an order of protection or did Ja whoop him out at the studio or did he talk to the feds…

That’s some real peace of mind.



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