Making his weekly appearance on the Kirk & Callahan Show Monday morning, Tom Brady cut his interview short after just more than two minutes, citing his disappointment with comments made by Alex Reimer Thursday night.

Brady said he was informed of Reimer’s reaction to the first episode of “Tom vs. Time” which included the WEEI host/WEEI.com writer calling the quarterback’s daughter “an annoying little pissant.”

“I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, they certainly don’t deserve that.”

The quarterback added, “I really don’t have much to say about it this morning.”

Reimer was informed last Friday he was being handed an indefinite suspension by WEEI, effective immediately.


Tom Brady has officially drawn the line in the sand when it comes to his family. He’s going to still call into your station BUT he might cut the interview off early. And he may or may not call in again when he has more to say.

Could this really be an attempt by the Boston media to bury the lead about Tom having unprotected sex 10 years ago with someone he wasn’t married to and having a kid?

Or maybe Alex Reimer is actually an Eagles sleeper cell who went active right before the Super Bowl to cause a major distraction in the Patriots’ locker room. I wouldn’t put it past an organization that aligns itself with horse punchers.

Really makes you think…

Hopefully we’ll get more details as the week goes on. Stay tuned for updates!



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