I’m not quite sure what happened within the last 15 minutes. I have to imagine that Stan Van Gundy was playing 2K today, took a hefty amount of L’s online and said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. The 9th place Pistons for much of this season have shown flashes that they could be a fringe playoff team in the shallow Eastern Conference, but clearly the ceiling for this team may have already been met and they’ve since sought out the most outlandish option in an effort to retool for the immediate future. My problem here is that while Griffin is by all means a top 30 talent in the league, the move only further complicates the team’s already hard capped financial future. Griffin has just reupped with the Clippers this past offseason, and the soon to be 29 year old is not coming in for cheap.

Detroit is by no means a top of the list destination for Free Agency, so you have to wonder if a Blake-Andre frontcourt pairing coupled with shit else offers enough hype for more players to make Detroit their next home.

The Clippers on the other hand have been the embodiment of confusion, winning enough games (when maybe they shouldn’t have) in the loaded West to currently hold 9th place in the Western Conference. Doc left the GM duties to those who should have the sense to make better decisions and here we are as the team finally has come to terms with the fact that they NEED to tank. With this head scratcher of a deal completed, moves for remaining Clippers standouts, Lou Williams and DeAndre Jordan seem inevitable as the team prepares to fully drop off in the standings. Personally, I hope the Bucks finally make a deal for Jordan so I can stop getting Bleacher Report rumors every fucking week about it.

Honestly not sure who “wins” this deal, but I sure as shit am here for this and everything else in the coming weeks leading to my Super Bowl: NBA Trade Deadline.

Lol at Blake going from sunny days in LA to the brutal, unforgiving winter of Detroit in a snap.


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Long time Eagles fan/modern era Bulls fan... Let's just say I know what it means to suffer

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