I among the masses am still in shock of last night’s TMZ reveal that Tristan Thompson has been stepping out on pregnant celebrity girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, for some nights out on the town recently. ICYMI videos such as the one below have emerged showing Tristan enjoying the company of numerous women in rather intimate settings, and pictures of another woman visiting his hotel after hours suggest that the Cavaliers Forward has been cared for keeping his action on the low. The unmitigated gall of a young, wealthy athlete parading across the nation, having girls from all over throwing themselves at him (all of whom being aspiring bubble tea insta influencers) is just unfathomable. Kobe, Shaq, and D12 wouldn’t stand for these motorboating shenanigans and neither should we!

I think we can all agree here that this is without a doubt an isolated incident, leaving us to question what influences affected TT’s peculiar behavior. Tristan’s a stand up guy, and would never, ever leave the mother of his child the second mother of his second child for the the promiscuous temptations of NBA life on the road. Right?


Had a second to calm down and check out who exactly TT had been chilling with and I gotta say, GAH.. DAMN… I by no means condone stepping out on your woman, especially the in the event of a pregnancy, but mans caught a baddie and i’m willing to look the other way. Think we can all agree Lani Blair’s instagram is nothing to play with.

Ain’t nothing like a little tea to close out the already wild NBA regular season. With LeBron being in full Zero Dark 23 mode, maybe he won’t catch wind of the drama until after the Cavs get bounced out of the second round of the playoffs.


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