Machine Gun Kelly is not letting his holiday weekend go unnoticed, with the visual release for ‘Rap Devil’ which has been widely recognized at a direct response track to Eminem’s highly charged verse on ‘Rap God’.

The two Midwest artists have been at odds for some time now, for reasons seemingly stemming from a 2012 tweet in which Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t contain his thirst on Twitter for Em’s daughter, Hailie. MGK Eminem Daughter Tweet

Somewhat considerate attempt here with regards to who her father is, but also high key creepy considering Hailie was a 16 year old while MGK was 21 years old at the time of the tweet. Needless to say, this is one that surely he wishes remained in his drafts, as the years since have been met with considerable consequences including being blackballed in terms of opportunities for media and interview play across the industry. Many, including Kelly himself believe Eminem’s prominent influence and widespread connections may be the reason for this, and has lead to a lot of resentment between the two.

At its surface level, beef is the very thing that hip hop fans lust for, with the everlasting goal of seeing who can come out on top in a bar for bar effort. MGK’s work here is less wit and wordplay heavy than that of his legendary counterpart, and is more straight forward to point out simply stated observations of the current stage Eminem is on. In short, he’s old and losing touch with what people actually care to listen about and its shown in the fact that his past projects are more or less footnotes compared to his works of the early 2000’s that helped raise his profile in Rap to legendary status. Em gave fans something to salivate over with the surprise release of Kamikaze this past week, but for most of the reviews i’ve seen, the final word comes down to whether it harbors some of the same feelings of his early works, which seems to be a very tall task to achieve.

Ultimately i have no dog in this fight, as MGK is probably the last person i’d add to a playlist for a party and Eminem will forever be ruined in my eyes due to The Kid Mero’s impersonations of the emcee. These will be forever funny and there’s no debate for that so please get all of the Stans out of my mentions.

If nothing else, i feel like i’d be doing you all a disservice by not at least posting the cause of this longstanding beef in the first place:

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happy early birthday to me

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Can confirm that she is indeed “Hot as Fuck” and is not underage so Em please leave me off your next track, I don’t want no smoke…


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